What is the content of a USGA meeting?

USGA provides a space for LGBT/SSA BYU students and their allies a place to communicate their spiritual experiences, their testimonies of Christ and their own personal stories. To foster a Gospel centered community, USGA provides discussions and presentations about the LDS faith and homosexuality, as well as broader spirituality discussions and discussions on subjects pertinent to the LGBT/SSA experience.

At USGA, the individual’s relationship with the community is integral to everything we do. We value personal experience as authentic and important. We believe that experiences, relationships and interaction between members facilitate Christ-like love and empathy.

2 thoughts on “Content

  1. Hello, I tried to attend tonight’s USGA meeting at the library, but was told it was cancelled by a woman in the scheduling office. I would appreciate some kind of confirmation about when and where the group will be resuming to since this doesn’t seem to be noted on the website or Facebook page. Thanks!


    1. Hi Will. We had a momentary pause in meetings while we were between semesters. There will be a meeting on Thursday, April 28th, and there should be a meeting every Thursday thereafter at 7pm.


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