USGA maintains a blog to give BYU LGBTQ/SSA students a chance to express themselves to their peers in a non-threatening environment. Because USGA seeks to create a respectful dialogue that encompasses multiple view points on the topics of faith and sexuality, the message and opinions of each post may vary. USGA as an organization maintains political neutrality, but we also acknowledge that dialogue is only possible when multiple view-points can be heard.

The ideas and words of each blog post are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the position of the USGA presidency or USGA as an organization. Many of the blog posts featured here are written by LGBTQ/SSA BYU students who are not yet ready to have their sexual orientation or gender identity known by some friends, family, colleagues and internet strangers. As you read these anonymous posts, we invite you to join the discussion in the comments below each post. However, please take a moment to consider the implications and risks of being publicly LGBTQ/SSA as a BYU student and show respect in your responses.


Current Events

The Need for Radical Love

Guess What They’re Teaching Up at BYU-Idaho?

Dear Straight Mormons

Elder Holland Breaks Silence on LDS Same-Sex Attraction

Everything Wrong With That Meridian Magazine Article (and gosh there’s a lot)

Thank You, Elder Rasband

Things I Want to Tell my Straight Faithful Mormon Friends Reacting to the SCOTUS Decision

BYU’s LGBTQ/SSA Student Group Releases New Video: #INeedHimToo

I Need Him Too – Video

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On TLC’s “My Husband Is Not Gay”

Response to Millennial Mormons

Provo Pride Interfaith Speech

BYU Jumps Two Spots In Most Unfriendly LGBTQ+ Campus Rankings


Opinion Posts

Safeguarding our Queer Brothers and Sisters

5 Reasons Bisexuals Can’t “Pick a Side” or 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask Them To

“Asexuals Don’t Exist”: A Crash Course on Asexuality and What Not to Say

That The Mormon-Gay War Might End

All I Want for Christmas is a Loving Family

Should Gay Students Leave BYU?

Dear Straight Mormons

My Prayer For This Conference

9 LDS-Friendly Reasons Why Being Gay is Awesome

Why I’m Gay, Not SSA

An Experiment in Empathy

My Prayer for Conference

10 Christlike Ways to Help Your Gay Mormon Friends

To Be More Gracious



Whoredoms and Homosexuality

The Secret Life of Demisexuals

Picture Perfect, Perfect Picture

LGBT Suicides at BYU: Silent Stories

Dear Transgender Friend, You Are Loved

Final Thoughts on Leaving USGA

Boy or Girl? I’m Neither

Sincerely, Anonymous

Life Lessons

Being Bisexual in the Church

This is So Gay

I Didn’t Use To Be This Way

Finding My Purpose at USGA

Sometimes Allie Just Needs an Ally


Weekly Activities

Mixed-Orientation Marriage Panel

Parents Panel


Music and the Spoken Word: Queer Edition

LGBTQ/SSA Media Representation

Alphabet Soup

Welcome and Circles of Empathy

Murder Mystery

Parents of LGBTQ/SSA Children

Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Meditation for Beginners

Hi! What’s Your Name?

Finding Inspiration and Your Personal Mission Statement

Mental Health and Self Care Workshop

Education Committee on Conflict Resolution

Unconditional Love—What’s Love Got to Do With It?

October 2 – At the Forefront

September 18th Preparing for the Provo Pride Festival

September 11 Breakout Session: Navigating Healthy Relationships

August 21 – Sharing Our Personal Stories: “And I’m A Mormon”

Telling Our Personal Narratives August 14th