BYU Bronicorns!

It’s no secret that life as an LGBTQ/SSA student at BYU can be stressful. While there are plenty of healthy ways of blowing off steam, sometimes the best way to relieve that stress is to laugh it off. Perhaps that was part of the motivation for Aaron Austin and Nathan Cunliffe to create their brief webcomic Bronicorns!

The comic follows brothers Ben and Caleb, who are students at BYU. Ben is a more stereotypical man who likes sports, while Caleb is more interested in clothes and baking. While the comic does not deal directly with homosexuality, it does examine masculinity in a lighthearted way. Caleb’s antics are usually gender nonconforming, and Ben loves him anyway. And as the comic progresses, we learn that Ben isn’t afraid to show interest in what would traditionally be considered “feminine” either.

Bronicorn 3

The comic is only 10 strips long, which makes for a quick and enjoyable read. It’s persistent themes—that it’s ok to be yourself and that fraternal love can persist through differences—are sure to lift you spirits.

You can read the comic here.

Bronicorn 1.png

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