Weekly Activity: LGBTQ/SSA Media Representation

In the past, mass media often lacked diversity in terms of ethnicities, looks, and sexual identities. While our current society has come a long way with including more diverse characters in movies, video games, and other media, there is always room for improvement. At USGA last week we observed the way minorities and members of the LGBTQ/SSA community are currently represented. It can be difficult when you identify a certain atypical way and then not see that represented it media accurately. Many stereotypes surround certain races, LGBTQ/SSA men and women (and those in between), and it is important to not only acknowledge those stereotypes as potentially harmful, but to try to change them as well.

Come see us at USGA this Thursday at 7:00 pm in the Provo Library for our next activity, Music and the Spoken Word (Queer Edition).

And as always, feel free to check us out on social media to stay connected.


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