Weekly Activity: Parents of LGBTQ/SSA Children


As many of us know, one of the hardest things about being queer is having to come out to our family. So for last week’s meeting we got together and spent time talking about our members’ experiences with their families, both for those who have come out to family and those who have not. Members of our leadership spoke about how it was for them to come out to family members and we talked about how to come out in a way that is conducive for both ourselves and our family as it is often an ordeal for both sides. We discussed trying to have patience with family members who may not immediately understand and how to not be antagonistic in conversations so that they may one day understand. And most importantly we talked about how to have hope that things can be better in the future.

After hearing a few people talk about their specific coming-out stories, we then got into groups and had members talk about their individual experiences and let each other know that even when we feel that we are alone in our feelings and experiences, we are not. Because whether we are out to our families or not and whether it went well or not, we are here for each other.

If you missed it feel free to join us for our next meeting, tomorrow the 29th, in the Provo Library at 7pm! Our event is “Murder Mystery in the Library” and then afterwards we will be completing a quick survey to raise funds for USGA so please stay for both!


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