Thursday, September 3 was our first meeting to kick off the new school year, and what a kick off it was. We introduced this year’s leadership committee and decided to start off our year by asking what you (our members) want to see come out of USGA for the upcoming year. Speaking of which, if you were not in attendance or you have not already filled out a form, here’s a link to the survey of questions we asked.

Essentially we just decided that we needed to start off our year by making sure we were catering to your needs. We asked how well we’ve done in providing discussion and help on relevant LGBTQIA/SSA issues in the past, and what you think we can do in the future, and we got some decent feedback. We’re glad to know that we seem to be meeting your needs pretty ok so far and we are excited to include what has been suggested, from more faith inclusive activities, to raising more awareness for our Trans and Agender members, to including more panels on intersectionality issues. For the upcoming year we have several committees to prepare many fun and informative events and we are excited for you all to attend! So on behalf of all of leadership, Welcome Back USGA!



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