August 21 – Sharing Our Personal Stories: “And I’m A Mormon”

I often feel that people at BYU don’t understand queer issues. Many do not realize how many people are LGBTQ+ at BYU.  Students aren’t talking about or understanding these issues which leaves their peers isolated. 

LGBT+ Mormons and USGA are not very known on campus. This lack of visibility is problematic. As visibility increases, students will become curious and learn more about LGBTQ+ issues. When students become more informed, their actions and the entire culture change.

At USGA this week, we talked about how visibility can be very influential. The LDS church has recently launched an “I’m a Mormon” campaign. This campaign focuses on making church members relatable and doesn’t “teach” anything about the gospel in their videos.

We want to increase awareness and help LGBTQ+ people feel welcome and connected to the community. We want to focus on the happy aspects of our lives and encourage everyone to celebrate who they are. We hope that people will get to know what USGA is all about.


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