Telling Our Personal Narratives August 14th

photo (1)
In the queer world, a narrative is an important thing. Each personal story is different and some pieces of information are more sensitive than others. Individuals have the choice to share aspects and experiences about themselves or withhold them. Our leadership planned an activity to help participants see a way to analyze our personal narratives to take new perspectives on them.

Tonight USGA broke up into groups of five. We passed out pen and paper to each person so that everyone could list things about themselves to mirror a coming out process. Inside each group People talked about their obscure hobbies that they could be ashamed of in certain circles like wearing a kilt, liking pokemon, or cross-stiching. Other people talked about their coming out process or when they were outed at work or came out to their ward or bishop. Still others talked about defining characteristics about them: their major or where they grew up, for example.

Afterwards each group presented a depicting the things we discussed and said one or two words to explain the scene. The audience would try to interpret the what was being portrayed, and then the group would eventually explain what was going on. Sometimes when we tell our stories, other people may perceive them very differently. It is important to analyze certain highlights of our stories. USGA will provide many opportunities for participants to tell their narratives in the coming Fall Semester.

Tonight a moment of silence was held for events currently transpiring in Ferguson, Missouri.


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